Ibiza Rocks House

Since Ibiza Rocks took over the iconic institution of Pikes, this hotel has been transformed into a legendary boutique sanctuary and home to free-spirited Ibizan lovers. It is a true authentic, unique, creative hub of entertainment that shines with spiritual Ibizan personality.

Famous for providing the set to Wham’s Club Tropicana video, Pikes was the hotel choice for the rock n’ roll elite of the 80’s and still has this reputation today. Staying real to the relaxed yet fun island lifestyle and being the heart of Ibizan music heritage and hedonism, Pikes is a true hidden treasure on the island which creates a hugely inspiring, authentic, carefree, Balearic vibe.


With Solillas being born to share our passion for these magical Balearic Islands, there is no doubt that we share the same bohemian lifestyle as Pikes. From here, a petrol green iridescent Solillas was designed in collaboration with Ibiza Rocks founder and creative director Dawn Hindle.


Not only is this limited edition Solillas a part of staff uniform at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, yet it is available to buy in Ibiza Rocks House boutiques, on our website and in store at BOXPARK.

Natalie x

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