DIY Gold Dipped Feathers

Used as table decorations, attached to string and wrapped around presents or hung from the ceiling, gold feathers are popping up everywhere this winter!

What do you need?

  • Feathers
  • Gold paint
  • Glitter

unnamed (8)

1. Place the feathers in a a neat line. If you’re doing quite a few, it may be a good idea to place some masking tape along the feathers to secure them and to stop them moving.unnamed

2. Get the gold paint ready and carefully paint the tips of the feathers. Depending on how gold you want the feathers relies on how thickly you place the paint on. The thicker you make it the more glitter you can add!

unnamed (1)

3. Now it’s time to sprinkle on the glitter! Remember, this has to be done as soon as you’ve painted the tips – the paint has to be wet for the glitter to stick.unnamed (2)

4. Now you just need to wait for the feathers to dry before you start making them into beautiful decorations!

unnamed (3)

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