A kindred spirit … Dominique Sanson


We first came across Dominique’s beautiful and dreamy artworks at one our favourite Ibizan retaurants, Bambuddah Grove. Inhabitants and venues across our beloved island have commissioned his work and it’s easy to see why.

Hailing from and studying in France, Dominique moved to Ibiza more than 30 years ago, a place where he felt he could “share his thoughts with kindred spirits” and where he has grown a deep love for the island and its inhabitants.

Much of his work focuses on the different cultures dominating Ibiza throughout history, and the rich variety of people who have come to its shores. One of his most famous collections, The History of Ibiza is made up of a series of 20 pieces taking you from I – Evolution to XX – Modern Times and features everyone from the Phoenicians to the Carthaginians to the hippies. You are also just as likely to find modern day clubbers in his work. ‘Ibiza Party’, set in San Antonio in the 00’s even includes Noel and Liam Gallagher.

If you could ever get lost in a painting, it’s here – so it’s not surprising that he states his dreams are a constant source of inspiration. Indulgent, fantastical, mysterious and often lustful – here are some of our favourites…

Dominique-Sanson- The-History-Of-Ibiza-XIX-The-Arrival-of-TourismXIX – The Arrival of Tourism

Dominique-Sanson-The-History-Of-Ibiza-XX-Modern-TimesXX – Modern Times


 See Dominique’s online gallery

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