Atzaró Art Auction – Eivissa Animal Center


CHAPTER – Balearic Cat

Ibiza has long been celebrated as a haven for artists, so what better way to raise funds for an ibithencan charity than an art auction at the spiritual Atzaró hotel.

Over the past few days, works from some of Ibiza’s legendary and emerging artists have been on display in preparation for the charity auction at 8pm this evening (Thursday 28 August) in aid of the Eivissa Animal Center.

The Eivissa Animal Center will provide a veterinary clinic for the animals of Ibiza and house Care 4 Cats Ibiza. Care 4 Cats deals with the mass neutering of stray, abandoned and feral cats that roam the streets, countryside and tourist resorts. An action that over time will decrease the stray cat population and protect the islands wildlife. With over 13,500 procedures carried out in the last 13 years, Care 4 Cats now requires its’ own treatment facilities in order to reduce costs and enable work to continue.

Whether you’re a animal lover or not, the auction provides a great overview of the talent nurtured on the Island. Here are a few of our favourites …

10Jerome Ferriere – Shade

Elena Abeni / El.Rol.Artworks

 Elena Abeni / El.Rol.Artworks – 21 Ibicencan dogs and some ants

Andreu Moreno

Andreu Moreno – Cachorros jugando

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